A Relaxing Gazebo

For those who have ever enjoyed sitting in the garden on a hot summer day while being shaded from the harsh rays of the sun, a relaxing gazebo may have been where they enjoyed their beautiful day. These relatively open buildings can grace a garden, or they can be set in the middle of a yard where the breeze has free reign. They can be a place where company can gather to enjoy an afternoon of talk and beverages, or they can be a getaway for parents who need just a little bit of space.

One of the beauties of many gazebos is their openness. They do have a roof to keep off the rain, and seating is a must. The sides may have a half wall, or they could simply be a platform with slender columns that hold up the roof. They allow the breeze to waft through and keep the occupants cool, and this combines with shutting out the majority of the sunshine to create an oasis.

Maintenance on a gazebo is generally easier due to its open construction. Checking the roof might be the most difficult part because it requires a ladder, but the sides and flooring are easy to access. Those who shut down their backyard for cold weather months will find that a new coat of paint or stain is required every few years, but many find that only a good cleaning is a yearly event.

An afternoon spent in this wonderful area can be one filled with peace and quiet, or it could be a place where local wildlife can be observed inhabiting the garden. For those who enjoy a good novel on a summer day, this is one of the best places to sit back and dive into another world. Even those who just want a place to sit and chat with a friend will find most of these open structures have been perfectly designed for their needs.